Patient enrollment solutions for your clinical trial success.

Reach, inspire and engage qualified study participants to enroll in your clinical trials.

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Who we are

We are an innovative company with the mission to connect patients with clinical trials to advance science and save lives. We focus primarily on Rare Diseases and Oncology, and with our pre-built, cloud-based platform, YOU can have the support you need on all your clinical trials in as little as two weeks.

Our solution

We offer two solutions that empower and enable YOU to engage directly with patients, to learn from them and create patient-centric trials, enroll patients in your trials, to advance science and save lives.

A clinical trial patient enrollment solution that helps you exceed your enrollment goals.

Optimized Patient Journey

We use a direct to patient model to engage patients wherever they are and empower them to make the decision to join a clinical trial.
A fully customizable pre-screener is then used to pre-screen qualified patients for your trial prior to fully screening, streamlining the entire process, thereby more efficient.
Dedicated Call Center can follow up with patient within 1 business day, further phone screen them and provide a human element to the trial prior to handing off to site.
Once phone screened, the site coordinator can schedule a visit with the patient and set an appointment using the calendar feature on PatientWing.
Patients receive automated reminders 24hr prior to visit via email and notifications.
Our mission is to meet and exceed your enrollment goals, and to do this we aim to provide only further qualified candidates to the research sites to screen and enroll as soon as possible.

Keep Patients Engaged

Patient dashboard
Keeps patients informed about their status.
Mobile friendly
Highly optimized for mobile, and supports virtually any type of device.
Remind patients about appointments and let them know when their enrollment status changes.

Enabling sponsors to communicate with patients before, during and after clinical trials.

Fully Customized Solution

A fully branded and customizable patient-facing trials portal.
Seamlessly integrated into Sponsor’s website
Designed for simple navigation

Engage Before…

Condition/Therapeutic Area Pages
With little literature existing on rare conditions, creating patient-friendly, digestible content around your relevant conditions engages patients and empowers them to express interest in upcoming trials.
Build Relationships & Trust with Patients
By focusing on creating connections and building trust with patients now – before your trial begins, you can engage directly with them to understand their conditions better, improve your study design, and enroll patients faster once the study begins.


Emails, Messaging, Reminders
Send patients study updates, congratulate them for reaching milestones throughout the study, schedule appointments and send visit reminders, and send personalized notes for their birthday or any other special event on the calendar.
eICF Support
Enable patients to read and sign an electronic Informed Consent Form to improve recruitment and retention.
Have the flexibility with integrating with other systems and technologies that you are already using for clinical trials.

…& After!

Study Results & Surveys
Send all patients study results and thank them for their participation in your trial. Engage. also enables you to send post-trial surveys to gauge participation and retention for future studies.  
Recruit Existing Patients
If you have 100 patients express interest in your trial, but only 5 enroll – don’t say goodbye to the other 95! With Engage. you can reach back out to those patients for a future study and expedite that study’s recruitment period.

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