Reaching & Enrolling
Diverse Patient Populations in Clinical Trials

At PatientWing, we understand the importance of patient diversity and provide a comprehensive patient recruitment solution addressing the diversity enrollment requirements in clinical trials.

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Our Holistic Approach

Our holistic approach ensures that minority patient populations are reached and included in your clinical trial, helping you to achieve your diversity patient enrollment goals.

We start by analyzing the demographics of the disease population and devise appropriate outreach, engagement, and recruitment methods to ensure that clinical trial participants reflect the diversity enrollment goals for the trial.  

Understanding and Addressing Concerns

Understanding diverse population concerns and appropriately addressing them is critical to successful enrollment.


We start by engaging community outreach organizations to gather general perceptions and feedback on clinical trials from minority groups. Additionally, we identify and interview diverse patients with the condition to learn about their personal experiences.

Patient Advocates

PatientWing employs a diverse team of patient advocates and trains our project team on cultural sensitivity to ensure effective communication with patients from diverse backgrounds. Our patient advocates communicate with patients and sites, guide patients through their enrollment journey, and facilitate the enrollment process with the goal of alleviating clinical trial site burden.

Reaching Diverse Patients

We create content that is both appropriate and sensitive for diverse populations and helps to increase awareness and participation.

Effective Communication

In study materials, we implement appropriate imagery, language and FAQs that resonate with minority communities.

Patient Stories

We highlight diverse patient perspectives by conducting interviews and writing articles and stories. These are often shared by patients in their communities thereby increasing awareness.

Outreach Efforts

Our broader outreach efforts include, but are not limited to, the following:
Geo-targeted Ads
Geo-targeted advertising in areas near research site locations where minority populations are highly represented.
Community Relationships
Raising awareness through relationships with community, civic, and faith-based organizations that involve leaders, educators, community influencers, and businesses such as barbershops, beauty salons, restaurants, and recreational facilities.
Local Events
Creating on the ground programs with local event participation – including health fairs, churches, academic institutions, HBCUs, libraries, and community centers – and ambassador programs in collaboration with a minority enrollment partner.
Grassroots Outreach
Grassroots and advocacy group outreach.

Enrolling Diverse Patients

PatientWing trains our patient advocates on cultural sensitivity to understand and identify the specific needs of diverse populations to appropriately support patients through the enrollment journey. Specifically, our patient advocates:

Family Support

Support and alleviate concerns not only for patients and caregivers but for their loved ones. This is especially important for minority populations where family may be more involved in the decision-making process to join a clinical study.

Site Engagement

Support the site throughout the enrollment process by performing medical record facilitation, direct scheduling, and patient re-engagement.

Spanish-speaking Team Member

PatientWing employs Spanish-speaking patient advocates who are available as needed and are assigned to support patients who apply in Spanish.

Proactive Support

In addition to addressing individual patient needs, our team proactively provides recommendations to the sponsor at the onset of engagement on a continuing basis.

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