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Rare disease & oncology patient enrollment achieved.

We are on a mission to increase participation in clinical trials by transforming how patients engage in clinical research.
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Engaging Rare Disease Communities for Clinical Trials

We engage rare disease patient communities to deeply understand their unique challenges.  Discover how we've amplified the voices of these patients and supported them in navigating the path to clinical trial participation.

Through our efforts we hope to improve the quality of life for more people by bringing better, more effective treatments to rare disease patients faster. We do this by helping clinical research sponsors to find and enroll patients in rare disease, oncology, and difficult-to-enroll trials.

Challenges with running rare disease trials

Patient populations are smaller and widely dispersed, threatening trial completion.
Lack of access to patients often hinders sponsors’ ability to design effective trials.
Patient recruitment challenges often delay trials resulting in millions of dollars in cost overruns.

How we help you find patients

We take a direct-to-patient approach when recruiting for your trial. This approach empowers patients to make critical decisions about their health from the comfort of their home.

We do this through a comprehensive digital outreach strategy — advocacy groups, grassroots outreach, original content, and digital advertisements — custom designed to meet the needs of your condition focus. With little resources available to smaller patient populations, we also produce original content and run engagement campaigns to organically guide patient traffic to the website.

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Step 1
Let us do the work. We start by building a comprehensive web presence for patients using study websites, condition pages, and patient stories.

Our team works with your study documents — including the protocol and informed consent — to write patient-friendly study information. We draft study-specific screening criteria used to qualify patients before they're sent to your study sites.
Step 2
Direct-to-Patient Outreach
Once we launch the website, it’s time to find patients. Although they vary for each condition, here are some of our key recruitment strategies:
Advocacy Groups
Partner with advocacy groups to share study information and original content with their patient networks
Grassroots Outreach
Talk with patients directly in patient-run groups, pages and forums on social media
Original Content
Publish condition information and patient stories to increase organic traffic through SEO
Digital Advertising
Leverage keywords related to the disease via paid advertisements, such as Google Ads
Step 3
Site Relations & Support
A patient applies, and then what happens?


Once a patient passes our online pre-screening questionnaire, they can immediately schedule a phone call with our in-house Patient and Site Relations Team. We verify the patient’s eligibility once again before transferring them to a study site.

Medical Record Facilitation

While we have the patient on the phone, we aid them in the medical record facilitation process to the study site.

Direct Scheduling

To save even more time for study sites, we directly schedule patient appointments with site coordinators so the patient’s path to enrollment is faster.

Continuous Engagement

We continuously re-engage our patients throughout the rest of their enrollment process via direct communication, ensuring they complete the necessary steps toward participation in the study.
Step 4
Robust Analytics and Performance Tracking
We provide sponsors with a comprehensive view of the entire process. This includes:
Insights into which recruitment channels are driving enrollments
Anonymized and aggregated patient statuses
Other metrics per your request

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